Can homeopathy help me?

Can homeopathy help you? Yes, homeopathy can help you in all sorts of ways. If you already experience health problems, homeopathy can help you to get better, and if you’re feeling fit and healthy, homeopathy can help you to stay that way.

How? Well, that question is a bit more complicated, and it starts by identifying why (if you are feeling poorly) your body is producing symptoms. That can depend on lots of things, such as your overall level of health, your age, your lifestyle, how you react to things, and the everyday stresses you have to deal with. These are all things that a homeopath needs to find out from you, so that they can select the right medicine for your particular needs.

As you already know, we are all very different. When we’re ill, we experience our dis-ease in completely different ways. For example, if we have a cold, we might have similar physical symptoms, such as sneezing and a runny nose, but how we react to that cold will be different. We might be happy to arm ourselves with a large box of tissues, and try to carry on as usual. However others might react to their cold in a totally different way, and end up feeling sad or despondent, or irritable and bad-tempered.

That’s why during the consultation, a homeopath asks us lots of questions, and that’s why 82% of consultations last for between half an hour, and one and a half hours. The homeopath needs to identify and understand our differences. When they have enough information, the homeopath selects a medicine which matches both our physical and emotional presenting symptoms. According to the principles of homeopathy, an appropriately prescribed homeopathic medicine supports and enhances our body’s own natural ability to heal.

Homeopathy can successfully treat much more than just coughs, colds, and minor self-limiting conditions. In a recent practitioner survey, we found out some interesting facts:

  • 69% of patients visit a homeopath because they are experiencing confidence issues, or having anxiety attacks.

  • 31% of patients seek help because they are experiencing emotional problems such as grief or other psychological issues.

  • 54% of patients see a homeopath to receive help for issues affecting digestion.

  • 55% of patients who consult with a homeopath have problems related to female health.

  • 83% of patients ask for help in treating various skin conditions.

So as you see, homeopathy can help with a whole range of different health problems.

Can homeopathy help me? Yes it can!

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